Thursday, May 22, 2014

5 Simple Steps to Minimize Your Migraine

Find out the secrets to reduce your headache in no time!

Title: 5 Simple Steps To Minimize Your Migraines.

Author: Alexander Kening

My Honest Review:

This eBook is a free-to-download eBook written by Alexander Kening . Entitle as 5 simple steps to minimize your migraines, he claimed that by reading this eBook, you could minimize your migraine problem in just 5 steps. Lets take a look on what have been discussed in this eBook.

The content of this book are well written but the infos it provided are easy to be found on the internet nowadays. Nothing new or real value info added. First chapter of the eBook cover about the author life background and the reason he decided to help his fellow member who suffer migraines issue. Then he talk about how you can change your mindset. He also included 3 simple ideas to change your mindset.

Further deeper, he talks about pills effect on your body and why you should stop taking them. He also included the tips and action plan to be taken in order to stop you from relying on pills. Other topics discussed on this eBook is your Migraines Nutrition diet. A formula of perfect Migraine Diet also mentioned in this chapter.

Furthermore, he also discussed a topic on how you can fix your muscle in order to help reducing your migraines pain. This part cover on how to find your migraines trigger area and deal with it. A process chart also included together in this chapter.

The last chapter he discussed on how his other product called "The Migraine Blueprint" are perfect solution to balance all the problem he mention before. And, how you can implement it into your daily life and then overcome your migraine problem.

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Scam Alert!:

So, after doing some research around the internet, i found that this guy, Alexander Kening authority/validity on the topics he discussed are questionable. The reason is that:

  1. This site that are mentioned in this eBook are not complete/still under construction.
  2. He himself had few/no reliability/credibility regarding the topics he discus.
  3. His public profile such as Facebook and Google Plus are stranded/no updates at all.
  4. The product he suggested in this eBook are his own product which from my perspective are far from complete yet!

So, i can assume that this guy, Alexander Kening, are not a real guy (an icon created solely for the product) and attempt to sell his incomplete merchandise to you. As a reminder, i would suggest you stay away from his product but you can still download this FREE eBook to get some additional info and support my points.

Bottom Line

It's up to you either to download this product or not. I have download it, and i would say that this eBook are worth downloaded but the product he promoted in his eBook are not up-to-standard to be paid off. Imagine to pay $77 to some guy that had really big scam alert! on his head.Surely not

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